The company

Oberland Mangold GmbH

When it began

In the 1980s, the market for exhaust gas catalytic converters was still in its infancy. Anton Mangold, who had been producing snow chains since 1968, discovered the superiority of metallic honeycomb structures as a catalytic converter substrate.
For him, the previously used ceramic solutions had outlived their usefulness.
The first metal substrates from Oberland Mangold are patented. They give the market new drive in the effectiveness of climate protection.


Oberland Mangold became a limited liability company in 1985 as a family-owned company always playing a leading role in the research and development of catalytic converter structures. Innovative solutions put the company on a course of expansion. In 1995, particulate filter systems for retrofitting were added for the aftermarket, Oberland has provided effective products for the climate-friendly upgrade of engines right from the start.

The headquarters of Oberland Mangold GmbH is located 16 kilometres north of Garmisch Partenkirchen in Eschenlohe. Production takes place here for fresh air, in fresh air.

Quality standard

Development, production and sales of Oberland Mangold metal catalytic converters have been certified according to ISO9001 since 1998.
In addition, Oberland Mangold meets the requirements of the environmental standard ISO 14001. This also includes environmentally friendly logistics from procurement to disposal.

Drive in the world market

Oberland Mangold develops into a supplier with a global reputation:
The automobile and motorcycle industry, coating companies, plant engineering and manufacturers of small and industrial engines rely on innovative, custom-made climate protection solutions.

Metal carriers from Oberland Mangold are considered as the driving force in this market.
For the aftermarket, Oberland Mangold is a supplier off complete exhaust systems.




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