DPF cleaning

Soot particles result from the combustion in a diesel engine. These are small microscopic carbon particles with a diameter significantly below 0.05 µm. In their core, these consist of pure carbon, onto which attach different hydrocarbon compounds as well as metal oxides and sulphur.
The soot particles emitted from diesel engine combustion have been classified as carcinogenic by the WHO since June 2012. For environmental and health reasons these and other combustion residues from engines must not make their way into the air.

This is why a diesel particulate filter is built into the exhaust system in modern diesel vehicles (usually from the exhaust emission standard Euro 4). This holds back the soot particles which are emitted by the engine. While driving, the embedded soot is then burned through interventions by the engine management systems.


Ash and metal oxides remain in the diesel particulate filter. Over time, they block the fine pores of the filter and reduce the loading capacity.

The result is a continuously increasing exhaust gas back pressure.
This increases fuel consumption, reduces the engine output and increases emissions.


The critical mileages

  • After 120,000 km for passenger cars
  • Between 150,000 km and 400,000 km for utility vehicles
  • Between 1,000 and 2,000 operating hours for mobile machines and equipment

It is usually necessary to replace the filter once this mileage is reached. This usually costs several thousand euros.

The economical alternative: Reconditioning

Oberland Mangold has developed an effective and gentle cleaning process, which almost entirely removes the embedded soot and ash residues from the filter. You can see and count on the advantages:

  • The original quality is maintained. The high quality original diesel particulate filter is still used.
  • Up to 70% in savings compared to purchasing a new filter.
  • Effectiveness. The cleaned filter is as good as a new one.
  • Improved NO₂ performance. Less exhaust gas back pressure. Less fuel consumption.
  • Optimal engine output.
  • Efficiency. The filter usually lasts for the vehicle's lifetime.

"100% cleaning quality" Made by Oberland

48-hour Express Service

Quick, reliable and of the highest quality: that is what our DPF cleaning service offers you.

Pick-up and return service

We pick up the DPF and bring the cleaned DPF back to you.

Advantages of cleaning

Our DPF cleaning offers you many advantages and saves a great deal of time and money.

100% quality

100% cleaning quality – Made at Oberland.

More NO₂ – Better regeneration

When cleaned, the passive regeneration of the soot embedded in the DPF improves.