Flame arresters for explosion protection

OBERLAND MANGOLD manufactures flame arresters in the form of wound corrugated high-alloyed, corrosion-resistant metal foil strips. The spacings of the metal foils form the gap width that can be adapted to individual requirements on an application-specific basis.

OBERLAND MANGOLD flame arresters are able to safely prevent flame propagation with very low pressure loss at the same time.



Possible applications:

Flame arresters are used wherever explosive gas/air mixtures needs to be prevented from flame transmission, for example:

  • in marine petrol engines
  • with block-type thermal power stations
  • in venting tank facilities
  • in landfill and biogas systems

Flame arresters are an important component of flame traps

Working principle:

Thanks to a high level of heat transfer from the gas-flow to the surfaces of the metal foil strips, enough thermal energy is removed from an ignited gas/air mixture while the flame arrester is being passed through. This causes an expiration of the flame. This means there will always be a trade-off
between functionality and backpressure.

  • The longer and narrower the gap in the flame arrester, the better the quenching effect
  • The shorter and wider the gap, the lower the pressure loss via the flame arrester

This means both conditions must be optimised in an experimental way.

Special features of the OBERLAND MANGOLD flame arrester:

  • Exactly defined gap spacings across the entire frontal surface
  • Low flow resistance due to the high free cross-section
  • Use of very thin foils
  • High level of mechanical resistance (e.g. to shock/pressure waves) due to the fully brazed structure
  • Robust flame arrester enclosure due to a stainless steel jacket pipe

Technische Daten:

  • Possible flame arrester element diameter:: 40 – 100 mm
  • Flame arrester element lengths: 10 / 25,4 / 30 / 40 / 50,8 mm
  • Nominal gap width: 0,55 mm - 0,70 mm (Depending on the application and gas mixture)

Relevante Normen:

  • EN ISO 16852:2010
  • SAE J1928


To obtain type approval, the manufacturer of the fittings or systems will inspect the flame arresters as a unit in the flame trap in accordance with national and international standards.