Industrial catalytic converter

Can be used for stationary applications in biogas plants, natural gas plants and SCR applications!

Why oxidation catalytic converters from Oberland Mangold?

Around the world, exhaust gas standards for combustion engines are becoming increasingly more stringent.
The engine manufacturers are making their contribution to environmental protection through internal engine developments.
Maximum environmental protection, however, can only be achieved together with the new developments from the exhaust after treatment.
Oberland Mangold has been successfully developing and manufacturing catalytic converters for a wide variety of applications for over 30 years.

With gas engines, especially biogas engines, our industrial catalytic converter is used to reduce CO and formaldehyde emissions in order to meet the statutory requirements of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control.

Biogas catalytic converter

With a biogas catalytic converter, durability is of great importance, because the systems have extremely long life spans.

If a desulphurisation system is missing (e.g. activated carbon filter), the sulphur compounds in the exhaust gas contaminate the catalytic converter and have a deactivating effect on the coating.

The catalytic converter loses its effect and toxic substances make their way into the environment.

Oberland Mangold has developed the industrial catalytic converter for this purpose.

The Oberland Mangold catalytic converter carriers based on a metallic structure are ideal for this use.
The cell geometry was specially designed for this use by Oberland Mangold and consists of paper-thin high-alloy stainless steel films.
This high quality metal composite is soldered in a vacuum at over 1200°C and offers an optimal performance potential.

Quick-Change System for Catalytic Converter

  • Quick and easy change of the catalytic converter
  • Low maintenance
  • No time-consuming welding and assembly work
  • Short delivery times for the standard insertion catalysts
  • Low cost of replacing the catalyst
  • Stainless steel housing for reliable operation and durability
  • Compliance with TA-Luft + reduction of formaldehyde



Catalytic converter sizes

At our company, we can manufacture a variety of different sizes, geometries, cell densities (50, 100, 200, 400 cpsi = cells per inch²) and structures for a wide variety of systems.


Table of standard dimensions

We choose the required catalytic coatings depending on the application.

Advantages of the Oberland Mangold biogas catalytic converter

  • The right catalytic converter for your combined heat and power plant directly from the manufacturer
  • The biogas catalytic converter from Oberland Mangold successfully reduces formaldehyde without pre-desulphurisation through activated carbon
  • Our industrial catalytic converter saves old CHP engines from shutdown (> 60 mg or 40 mg/m³ formaldehyde) and also protects the feed-in bonus
  • It has high cleaning reserves and observes the limit value in the long term with a constant SOx proportion
  • The industrial catalytic converter is environmentally friendly in production and disposal
  • High-strength catalytic converter structure for tough cases of application
  • Special channel design for maximum performance

Today, Oberland Mangold has become a major supplier. The global clientèle includes the automotive industry, the constructors of industrial plants and manufacturers of small and industrial motors.

Our streamlined manufacturing management, based on an extremely flexible production procedure, allows for the manufacture of different sized catalytic converters for the most varied of applications within short periods of time. This flexibility, as well as the innovation and quality of our products, makes us an important partner to our satisfied customers.