Metal substrate

The core competence of Oberland Mangold: soldered metal carriers.

Oberland Mangold has been producing metal substrates which are used as catalytic converters or filter substrates in a variety of applications for more than 25 years. The applications range from small engines to motorcycles, passenger cars, utility vehicles and construction machines to block heat and power plants and industrial plants.

The low cell wall thickness allows for a smaller overall size of installation with a low net weight of the substrate: this is a crucial advantage. The metal materials are temperature-stable up to 1200°C. In addition, they offer optimal thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength. This makes integration into the respective exhaust system possible near to the engine. Since the metal substrate is welded directly into the exhaust system, the time required to install the system is reduced considerably when compared to ceramic solutions.

Standard sizes

Standard cell structures

WF structures