The Mini catalytic converter

Easy installation • Large effect • Small price

Diesel and gasoline vehicles of older manufacture can be inexpensively retrofitted with the Mini catalytic converter to comply with the emission standard Euro 2 or D3. With this system, a highly efficient catalytic converter integrated in a ferrule is installed in the exhaust gas system in addition to the original catalytic converter.

  • Classification for vehicle tax as EURO 2
  • The metal substrate with high noble metal loading is also mounted in the exhaust gas pipe. The original catalytic converter remains in place.
  • The pollutant emissions are lowered significantly.
  • The installation time in your vehicle workshop is around ½ hour.

Savings in vehicle taxes when retrofitted with a Mini catalytic converter.

Diesel engine

Vehicle tax savings

Gasoline engine

Possible vehicle tax savings

Information about vehicle tax savings when retrofitted without a guarantee. More information about vehicle tax and savings possibilities.


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