Trap catalytic converter filter system

Trap catalytic converter filter system

Filter system with active regeneration

Can be used for all construction machines!

Design of the trap catalytic converter

The stainless steel Oberland trap catalytic converter exhaust gas cleaning system for construction machines is made of various high quality single components.
In addition to an intelligent electronic control, the system has a diesel fuel vaporiser for HC injection, an impeller mixer for uniform distribution of the exhaust flow in the system, a metal break-proof catalytic converter with a special channel structure as well as a thermally and mechanically resilient filter element.


To initiate a regeneration at low exhaust gas temperatures, the diesel fuel is supplied before the oxidation catalytic converter in a gaseous form and not in a liquid form.

This preserves the full effectiveness of the diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) for longer.
The DOC was developed by Oberland Mangold so that it can almost entirely convert the injected fuel into heat.
The downstream particulate filter reaches temperatures of about 600°C here, where the embedded carbon-particulate matter reacts with the oxygen of the exhaust gas and combusts. The carbon-particulate matter is disintegrated and the filter is regenerated.

The initiation of active regeneration is already possible after 5 minutes at exhaust gas temperatures of more than 215°C.

Detailed description

Diesel vaporiser and nozzle

Very high degree of vaporisation for the best conversion

Impeller mixer

For the uniform distribution of flow in the system. As a result, more uniform clean burning of the entire filter


Metallic DOC with turbulence structure for a safe and fast regeneration


Metallic DOC with turbulence structure for a safe and fast regeneration


SIC ceramic for maximum particulate reduction rates with simultaneously high thermal and mechanical load capacity


Pre-applied regeneration control for minimal effort during commissioning

Exhaust gas treatment

The trap catalytic converter reduces

The number of particulates > 99 %
Particulate mass > 95 %
CO 98 %
HC 95 %

KEY Features

  • Use of innovative catalytic converter structures
  • More uniform fuel distribution and therefore better combustion
  • Initiation of active regeneration already possible after 5 minutes at exhaust gas temperatures > 215°C.
  • Entirely electronically controlled regeneration
  • CAN-bus capable
  • Integrated data logger
  • Low NO₂ proportion
  • Hardly any additional fuel consumption (about + 1%)
  • Modular design with radial and axial connections
  • No blocking due to active regeneration
  • Independent of the application area
  • Certification according to FAD quality seal requirements
  • TRGS 554- compliant

Certified by FAD

The trap catalytic converter filter system was tested according to the strict specifications of the FAD guidelines and therefore meets the strictest emissions regulations under application-specific operating conditions.