The particulate catalytic converter

Diesel vehicles are economical but are less environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to carcinogenic ultra-fine particles.
These tiny particles migrate through the lungs directly into the bloodstream and can lead to serious respiratory system and heart / circulatory diseases. In Germany alone, over 47,000 premature deaths are recorded every year.

We have developed the Oberland particulate catalytic converter to retrofit diesel passenger vehicles or light utility vehicles that are not yet fitted with a diesel particulate filter.

This uses diffusive separation mechanisms primarily and particularly effectively to reduce hazardous micro-particles.
By retrofitting Euro 2 and Euro 3 diesel vehicles with the Oberland particulate catalytic converter, the vehicles achieve the particulate emission level of a modern Euro 4 vehicle. The Oberland Mangold product range applies to all common makes in the field of passenger vehicles and light utility vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.


  • TÜV-tested
  • Certified
  • General operating licence
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • The green light for environmental zones
  • 100% Oberland Mangold quality

Reduce the particulate emissions in your diesel vehicle.

Save on taxes and increase the resale value.

  • The system works passively and without regeneration aids. The metal substrate structure separates a large portion of particles from the exhaust due to its special surface finish.
  • The particulate emissions are reduced significantly.
  • Your vehicle is exempt from traffic restrictions. In addition, the retrofitting benefits from a subsidy. The resale value of the vehicle is also increased.

Scope of delivery:

  • Particle catalytic converter
  • Assembly parts
  • General operating licence
  • Certificate of acceptance for the registration office
  • Installation guide

Product range of particulate catalytic converters

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The particulate catalytic converter

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