Service plays a prominent role in the variety of products, some of which can be developed and manufactured individually.
The adjacent links are therefore inevitably only a part of our service to the customer. The 48-hour express service for cleaning diesel particulate filters is further proof that Oberland Mangold works in a service-oriented environment.

The essential part of the service orientation, however, may lie in the information and in the dialogue with our customers. This is where there are questions that need answering. This is where there are some complaints now and then.

This is where there are suggestions and requests.

And that is why we are giving you the central service number here.  
At the other end of the line, someone will be there to listen to you and immediately connect you with a competent employee regarding your concern Tel.: +49 8824 9298 0.
Or use our ...::: contact form :::...

Herzlich willkommen.