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Green Technology

Green Technology - Development of catalysts for technical processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The most important large-scale process for the production of hydrogen is the use of carbon-based energy carriers such as biomethane or natural gas.

In the field of steam reforming, OM focuses on the development and optimization of suitable catalysts. Various metals and alloys have been tested for their suitability over the past few years.

In addition, steam reforming sets very high demands on the mechanical stability of the catalysts, in particular on the catalyst support. In addition to high thermal shock resistance under harsh conditions, the catalyst support must provide optimized channel structures.

An alternative process of producing hydrogen is by cracking ammonia in a so called ammonia cracker. The use of ammonia as a “green energy carrier” with high energy density (3.2 kWh/l) offers great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ammonia cracking is an endothermic gas-phase reaction and the catalytic activity of the reaction is influenced by the metal, as well as by the particle size and morphology (catalyst support). OM's expertise is the development of a catalyst supports with high stability and a large inner surface.

The hydrogen generated in these processes can be used, for example, in fuel cells for a sustainable, efficient energy supply. The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC for short) is a high-temperature fuel cell that is operated in a temperature range from 600 to 1000°C. A design that offers technical advantages is the tubular SOFC. OM focuses on optimizing the efficiency of the tubular reactor and on simplifying its manufacturing process.

Applications: steam reforming, ammonia cracking, SOFC

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