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Technology for the environment

For more than 25 years Oberland Mangold GmbH has been developing and producing catalytic converter systems.
The core competence here lies in the manufacture of so-called metal substrates and metal catalytic converters. A number of possibilities for use have opened nationally and internationally for these products.
Our innovative and reliable products signal the aspiration of Oberland Mangold GmbH and its employees to make a sustainable contribution to improving the environment and quality of life. This sense of responsibility towards society and the next generation is the focus of our company.

Oberland Mangold GmbH


Our extremely flexible production processes that are based on a streamlined manufacturing management, and which are therefore extremely flexible, allow for the manufacture of different sized catalytic converters for the most varied of applications within short periods of time. This flexibility, coupled with the innovation and quality of our products, makes us an important partner to our customers.